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Are there age or weight restrictions for tandem skydiving near Burghfield Common?

The minimal age for a tandem skydive is 16 with parental or guardian consent. There are also weight restrictions.

Anyone aged 40 or above or with medical conditions will need permission from their doctor to partake in skydiving.

If you have any concerns, please mention this in your initial enquiry and your nearest skydiving centre will try its best to help.

Why might my skydive experience near Burghfield Common be postponed?

The primary concern of the experts in skydiving near Burghfield Common is your safety and the skydive instructor may choose to postpone your jump if weather conditions are not suitable for a jump. Should this occur, the skydive can be rearranged at no extra cost.

As skydiving instructors are trained professionals, we hope that customers will respect their judgement.

Are discounts available for group skydiving near Burghfield Common?

Yes, non charity skydives near Berkshire can received discounts for 3 or more participants. The discount brackets are divided into 2-4, 5-10 and 11 or more.

For further information on group skydiving near Burghfield Common, please contact the team with the website form provided.

Can my skydive near Burghfield Common in Berkshire be recorded?

The filming of your skydive at a skydiving centre covering Berkshire is possible. Each venue has their own camera team and thus prices will vary accordingly.

Skydiving Experience Burghfield Common

The experts offer professional skydiving experiences throughout the UK which are accessible from Burghfield Common.

With parachuting airfields located all across the UK, their is bound to a skydiving centre covering Berkshire for your requirements.

The skydiving centres near Burghfield Common operate to the highest standards in safety under the regulation of the BPA. The skydiving instructors will teach everything that you need to know about skydiving.

They also offer parachute jumps at the airfields throughout the UK via the static line parachute system.

Skydiving is a great experience for any thrillseeker and some venues offer films services (for an additional fee) so that your skydive experience near Burghfield Common can be shared with friends and family.

Contact the professionals to enquire about skydiving near Burghfield Common in Berkshire by simply filling in the skydiving with your contact details and skydiving requirements. The team shall quickly response to your enquiry by email or phone.

Skydiving near Burghfield Common

Skydive Burghfield Common and Berkshire

A skydive near Burghfield Common is an incredible experience for anyone seeking a adrenaline fuelled through the skies of Berkshire.

The most popular skydiving option provided is tandem skydiving near Burghfield Common.

When you arrive at the parachute jumping centre near Burghfield Common you will be issued with the appropriate skydiving equipment.

You will be given a safety briefing, practice some techniques required for your tandem skydiving jump near Burghfield Common, and then take your tandem skydive from approximately 10000 to 15000 feet whilst safely strapped to a BPA tandem skydive instructor.

The centres would not offer skydiving experiences near Burghfield Common if they did not adhere to a strict set of safety practices.

Skydiving has far less injuries proportionally compared to other extreme sports and to give idea of how safe skydiving near Burghfield Common is:

• BPA are the most safety conscious skydiving association in the world.
• Every person who jumps on one of the skydiving experiences is equipped with the latest safety equipment such as helmet and parachute (normal and reserve)
• Regular checks and maintenance servicing are made on skydiving equipment by a qualified BPA rigger.

As such during your skydiving experience, all you need to worry about is what to look at during your exciting skydive near Berkshire.

To enquire about a skydiving experience near Burghfield Common simply fill in the skydiving form with your contact details, group size, and skydiving requirements. The professionals shall contact you back quickly to organise an incredible skydive.

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