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How much do experience days near Whitby cost?

Experience day costs vary on location and facilities. Please enquire about a specific experience for further information.

Where are experience days near Whitby located?

The providers offer experience days all across the UK including Yorkshire. However some experiences are location specific.

Most locations are easily accessible by car or public transportation.

When do experience days near Yorkshire take place?

Experience days near Whitby in Yorkshire take place throughout the year but are subject to seasons, availability and venues.

Early booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Are experience days near Whitby Yorkshire suitable for children?

Some experience days near Whitby Yorkshire are suitable for children but age restrictions apply for all experience days.

Experience Days Whitby

Gift Finder Pros offers thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience days near Whitby. The modern facilities and sites are situated throughout the whole of the UK.

All of the centres have the equipment and experienced professionals and instructors to ensure that your chosen experience day goes smoothly. The safety of participants is very important to the professionals, as a result there are age, weight and height restrictions for certain experiences.

Also any driving experience where you're controlling a sports or rally car will require a valid UK driving licence (the exception being junior driving experiences or passenger rides).

For more information on the services that can be offered for you or your group or to book your experience day simply fill out the experience days form with your contact details and requirements. One of the staff will contact you back to discuss an experience day near Whitby.

Experience days Whitby

Gift Experiences Whitby in Yorkshire

Thrilling gift experiences near Whitby include bungee jumping, driving experiences, flying and hot air ballooning. Easily accessible from Whitby, you'll travel to venues throughout the UK for unique and exciting experiences.

They are experienced in the recreation industry, which allows us to run a extensive network of recreational sites for a range of high quality experience days near Whitby at great value prices and packages.

Whatever experience day you decide choose, you will be visiting a modern site for your event whilst all the whilst being supervised by a professional team.

The UK nationwide sites are accessible from Whitby and we offer a variety of options on each experience to cater for you or your group needs be it indoor bungee jumping or hot air ballooning for two.

The fantastic experience days that can bed offered to customers from Whitby include:

• Bungee jumping
• Driving experience
• Flying
• Hot air balloon rides
• Paintball
• Pamper days
• Skydiving
• Supercar hire
• Water sports

For further information on the experience days which are near Whitby in Yorkshire please visit the experiences page.

To book your experience day near Whitby, simply fill out the experience day form with your contact details and one of the friendly staff will contact you back shortly.

Recent Enquires

just myself. saturday am will be great.


im looking for prices for my husband as his birthday is 24th oct and always said would love to do a sky dive.


anywhere in dorset 1 jumper pm preferably or weekend anytime.


wanting to do either a skydiving as as a group to celebrate a group of us getting to our target weights. or wanting to find out about a parachute jump


hello I would like to do a skydive for charity but this isnt a charity that pays for the jump so im looking for the best price. ive never jumped before so I feel a tandem would be what im after. please email me with a quote all the best amy


hi my boyfriend is 21 in september and I would like to surprise him with a skydiving experience. please could you let me know if you have availability for sat 20th september this year. if so please can you explain the prices and information that I need to know. he is about 15 stone would this be a problem please email me. hope you can help. ellie



can two people jump out together or at the same timeif so how much


hi id like to know prices for parachuting or skydiving. and id like to know if it involves free fall and how long itd be. thanks


hi I was just looking at the driving experience that you do. can you give me a price for some of your packages. regardsmichelle


2 for the 26th or saturday june the 28th for a presentfrom australia but visting parents in uk.please email


i am 25 and looking to skydive to raise money for alzhimers sorry about spelling my grandad passed away late last year and want to raise as much money as possible. how much will this cost to do many thanks dale.