Driving Experience
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Are the driving experiences?

The professionals offer driving experiences throughout the UK including race circuits and rally courses.

Customers may need to travel to dedicated locations for driving experience days. Most locations are easily accessible by road or public transportation and it makes the perfect day out.

Availability does vary between the venues, please enquire for further details.

What are the restrictions regarding driving experiences?

You should be in reasonable health and able to climb in and out of the car. Height and weight restrictions for certain vehicles are applicable.

Junior driving experiences have a minimum age of 10 years.

Adult driving experiences have a minimum age of 17 years and you must have a full driving licence.

Driving experiences are not suitable for those with epilepsy, heart complaints or pregnant ladies.

Can driving experiences include multiple supercars?

Yes certain driving experience days offer a range of supercars to race on the day.

Some of the exclusive and high demand driving experience packages allows 40 driving laps in 4 different supercars.

For further information regarding these driving experiences, please fill in the website form provided for a quick response by email or phone shortly.

How much will a driving experience cost?

The cost of driving experiences is based upon the type of vehicle, the duration of the event and its location. With driving experiences to suit most ages, group sizes and budgets, why not experience the thrill of the race track!

Driving Experiences

The professionals offer exciting driving experience.

They are able to offer you an extensive range of driving experiences throughout the UK with accessible links which are suitable for all age groups and skill levels in driving a car.

Some of the memorable driving experiences that can offered to customers travelling are:

• Ferrari driving experience
• Supercar driving experience
• Audi R8 driving experience
• Aston Martin driving experience
• Single Seater driving experience
• Mercedes driving experience
• Ariel Atom driving experience

These are just some of the experiences that you or a group can participate in.

Contact the team now for further information on the driving experience days for customers. Simply fill in the enquiry form with your details.

Driving experiences

Driving Experiences Day ,

Drive an incredible range of vehicles and treat yourself or a group to a driving experience day.

The finest supercars can be driven at dedicated racing tracks across the whole of the country, which can be reached. With brands such as Audi, Aston Martin, Lotus, Ferrari and Porsche, you could drive a dream vehicle.

The driving experiences throughout the UK which can be reached are on top class circuits. With 1:1 tuition by experienced instructors, young and old can experience the excitement of the race track.

You will be controlling fantastic supercars with incredible acceleration and horsepower to match the stunning design of the vehicle.

The team also offer driving experiences for more unusual vehicles for customers such as trucks and Ariel Atom driving so you can be ensured of a memorable driving experience.

Driving experiences accessible are available throughout the year and all driving experience locations are accessible by various means to reduce the hassle of getting there.

There are various driving experience packages which allow you to different types of desirable cars and vehicle during a driving experience with easy access.

They are happy to accommodate large groups and spectators during a a driving experience on a fantastic race track.

Arrange your supercar driving experience by filling in the driving experience form with your contact details, driving experience required and group details. The friendly staff will then contact you back shortly to arrange a incredible driving experience.

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