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Is bungee jumping near me?

Most bungee jump locations require travel from Burghfield Common to dedicated bungee jump centres in London, Glasgow, Manchester and more.

The professionals are the UK market leader and largest supplier of bungee jumps in the UK, who also run the only indoor bungee jumping centre in the world located at Sheffield.

What are the restrictions regarding bungee jumping near Berkshire?

Minimum age for bungee jumping is 14 years old and under 16's must have parental / guardian consent.

Bungee jumpers should be in good health and those over 50 years will need a doctors note prior to a bungee jump.

Weight restrictions for solo jumps are 120kg and 217kg for tandem bungee jumps.

Medical conditions such as dizziness, heart conditions, high blood pressure, neurological conditions, asthma and diabetes will prevent you from jumping.

How long does a voucher for bungee jumping near Berkshire last for?

Bungee jump vouchers are valid for 10 months and cover one person.

Should you or a participant be unable to jump before the expired date, the voucher period can be extended by 6 months for a small administrative charge.

Can I buy any merchandise to remember my bungee jump near Berkshire?

Yes event packs for bungee jumping near Berkshire from the professionals can be purchased.

Typical contents is a video, digital photos (10-15) and t-shirt (subject to availability and venue).

Bungee Jumping Experiences Burghfield Common

The professionals offer a fun and exciting day out with bungee jumping near Burghfield Common. You can come on your own, with some friends or as a group for work do's and parties.

Gift Finder Pros work with the UK market leaders in bungee jumping who have over 20 years worth of experience in the industry.

They have raised over [pound]4m for charity with jump free for charity campaign as well as over 170 TV appearances for shows such as Big Brother and Red or Black.

All 12 bungee jump centres in the UK are fully equipped with all the correct equipment and required safety items such as harnesses, helmets and cords.

Each of the staff members are experienced in all aspects of bungee jumping are on hand to help you with any questions that you may have.

Pre bookings are essential to avoid disappointment with bungee jumping as it only takes place at the weekend. With prices starting from just [pound]60, just complete the online form for an unforgettable bungee jump experience.

Bungee jumping Burghfield Common

Bungee Jump Burghfield Common Berkshire

If you are looking for an exciting day out or a gift for someone, then a bungee jump is the perfect gift idea for a birthday or Christmas present.

All the staff at the 12 bungee jump centres which are accessible from Burghfield Common are fully trained and have experienced the thrill of a bungee jump themselves and can answer any questions that you have or offer advice on a particular type of bungee jump.

They use all the correct and professional bungee jump safety equipment to ensure that you will have a safe and exciting bungee jump.

The professionals offer a variety of different bungee jump experiences depending on which one of the bungee jump centres near Burghfield Common that you go to, services can include:

• Indoor bungee jump Sheffield
• UK's only Bridge jump in Middlesbrough
• 160ft, 300ft and 400ft bungee jumps
• Group bungee jump

Whichever experience you choose, you can expect an incredible day out. Bungee jumping takes place throughout the year but spaces are limited so booking is advance is essential.

For more information on bungee jumps near Burghfield Common and how to book, simply contact the professionals. You can do this by filling out the online form with your details. One of the the friendly team will contact you back to discuss booking a bungee jump near Burghfield Common.

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hi there. I wish to arrange a large bungee jump for my partners 40th on sunday 14th july in cornwall. there will be possibly be 3 jumpers. can you give me some details please. by email as I dont want him to know. he has always wanted to bungee and I have jumped 160ft but would like to know whats avail and the cost please. we will be staying near padstow but can travel no probs. kind regards marianne


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